Super Capacitor

While the Vendum paper battery will function like a conventional battery, it will be able to store energy like a super capacitor. A capacitor is a device that stores an electric charge between two plates, measured in farads, as opposed to a battery's chemical reaction between acid and metal.

Carbon nanotubes have very high surface area for such a small structure, giving them an electrical conductivity equivalent to copper. Thus, the paper battery will be able to supply a constant power output as well as discharge high-energy bursts.

Conventional capacitors can only store just a few microfarads (μF), whereas the paper battery has been calculated to have a capacitance ranging 22 to 36 Farads per gram.

Developments are showing that the carbon nanotube based batteries can exhibit an even higher level of conductivity when combined with titanium oxide nano-wires. The battery and super capacitor portions of the paper battery are separated by layers of non-conductive cellulose, which then sandwich a thin layer of lithium and act as an electrode.