Changing the way consumers power their world

Vendum Batteries Inc. (OTCBB: VNDB.OB) is developing an innovative new cellulose-based power source that in the next few years could help revolutionize the powering of the automotive and aeronautical industries.

This revolutionary battery is entirely biodegradable, as it is primarily composed of cellulose and uses none of the toxic elements used in traditional batteries, such as mercury, lead, chromium, or cadmium.

Using the cutting edge Carbon Nanotube Technology, this non toxic power source, will in the future be capable of providing higher power output, for longer periods of time, and because the batteries can be so small and light weight, it will be possible to revolutionize human implant technology such as pacemakers or cochlear implants.

When further developed, Vendum Batteries aims to power mobile phones, PDA's, iPods, music players, games consoles, laptops, etc and in the home appliances like power tools, all kinds of toys, watches, cameras and electric razors could all one day be powered by the Vendum batteries.
   Initially, Vendum batteries will be developing low power source solutions for all kinds of greetings cards, audio books, traditional board games, intelligent packaging/wrapping paper and possibly toys and trade show gadgets.

Simultaneously, Vendum Batteries will begin research and development into integrating our battery technology with Photovoltaic cells – With the aim of being the future power source for surveying instruments, CCTV cameras, roadwork warning lamps & signs, even street lights could soon be part powered by a new generation of solar cells and batteries.

Our long term ambition however, is for Vendum to help change the automotive and aeronautical industry, so it is no longer dependent on fossil fuels and enables all consumers to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

The revolutionizing new battery technology that Vendum is developing will bring significant benefits to users, shareholders and the environment

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